June 22, 2024

The Amazing Future of AI: From Assistants to Whole New Experiences

AI Assistants vs AI Creators – Understanding the Difference

You’ve probably heard a lot about artificial intelligence (AI) lately. But there are two main types of AI products that are quite different. AI assistants help make existing tasks easier, like having a smart assistant on your phone. AI creators, on the other hand, allow you to make entirely new things using AI in really cool ways.

Getting Past the Blank Page

One of the best things AI creators can do is help you get started on a project when you’re feeling stuck staring at a blank page. Companies like Durable can create whole websites for you just by asking a few simple questions. Vizcom helps designers draw up realistic product designs from their basic sketches. AI creators make that first step so much easier!

Mixing Photos, Videos and More

AI has gotten crazy advanced. It can now combine different types of media together. Haygen is an AI creator that lets you make realistic animated avatars by blending photos, videos and voice tracks. It’s like modern magic!

Not Just One-and-Done

The creative process isn’t just doing something once. You need to be able to try different things and make changes until it’s perfect. That’s why iteration (trying stugg over and over) is so important. AI creators like PicoLabs allow you to create a video, then keep tweaking and adjusting specific parts until you love the final result. Much better than one-shot generators that just give you one random outcome.

All-in-One Creation

Some AI tools are breaking down the different steps of creating something into one smooth process. CREA lets you create AI artwork, then make it look even better and more polished. Eleven Labs goes from creating an audiobook all the way to the final audio production. They combine multiple steps into one cool app!

Remixing and Mashups

Remixing music by combining tracks is popular with DJs. Well, now you can remix all sorts of content using AI too! Imogen lets photographers try out different editing styles on their photos. Gamma turns slide presentations into videos, reports and more with one click. Remixing is changing how we think about making content.

AI Working Together With Humans

In the future, AI is going to get even better at combining different capabilities into one platform. You’ll be able to shoot video, edit with AI help, add AI sections, and finalize all in one program. Human creativity and AI smarts will work in harmony.

The Future is Awesome

AI is no longer just giving us small upgrades to existing tools. AI creators are redefining what’s possible when you build tools from the ground up using AI. From finally solving that blank page problem to letting you work across video, images, and audio, AI creators are changing the game. And this is still just the beginning! As we blend human skills with AI, whole new types of apps are coming that we can’t even imagine yet. Get ready, it’s going to be epic!

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