February 29, 2024

India’s AI Awakening: Poised to Conquer the Next Tech Frontier

As we look back through the annals of technological history, we witness monumental shifts that have reshaped the global landscape.

As we look back through the annals of technological history, we witness monumental shifts that have reshaped the global landscape – Netscape (1994), PayPal (1996), AWS (2002), Android (2008), 4G (2010), and India’s very own Stack (including UPI, 2016). In the past, when these groundbreaking innovations were introduced elsewhere, even with one of the best talents, India often found itself playing a catch-up, hindered by inadequate infrastructure, both hard and soft.

However, as we stand on the verge of the next seismic shift – Artificial Intelligence (AI) – India finds itself in an unprecedented position of readiness. We have methodically laid the foundation, brick by brick, building an ecosystem that is remarkable in its resilience and potential.

Today, we possess the cloud infrastructure, the talented developers, and the necessary capital – the hard infrastructure required to thrive in the AI era. But what actually sets us apart is the soft infrastructure we have cultivated – the guiding role models, the playbooks to launch and scale, and the invaluable lessons from both failures and successes. We have the knowledge, and we have painstakingly earned the right to win.

The opportunities before us are multifaceted and vast, and we need to focus to leverage the opportunity. We at Krivi, have chosen to venture into the business applications space, leaving out some promising individual offers and the distraction in AI space from other focus areas like Foundational Models, Developer Tools or Consumer Applications. This decision stems from a deep conviction that India is poised to dominate the AI revolution, and we at Krivi are determined to be at the forefront of this change.

In the business applications realm, we can capitalize on existing horizontal markets by introducing AI-powered workflows and applications that revolutionize customer support, ITSM, sales automation, human capital management, finance, and marketing. Simultaneously, we have the opportunity to craft bespoke B2B solutions for verticals like healthcare IT, BPO automation, retail, financial services, and even the SMB/informal economy. New verticals, such as legal and content creation, are opening up, presenting fresh opportunities for disruption. And thus there is need to further focus and we have chosen to be in Martech space.

At Krivi, we are excited by the prospect of being covered on most fronts by 2024, enabling us to compete effectively in the AI domain. There is no reason for India to experience the lag effect that hindered our progress in past technological waves. Instead, there are a thousand reasons why Indian startups like ours can be at the vanguard of AI innovation, carving our own path rather than following in the footsteps of others.

India stands ready to embrace the AI revolution, with the necessary hard and soft infrastructure in place. The value to be created and captured in the AI realm is immense, and the opportunity is ours to seize. This time, the stars have aligned – India is ready to cement its position as a global leader in tech innovation, and Krivi is determined to be at the forefront of this transformative journey. Our time is now, and the world awaits the fruits of our ingenuity and ambition.

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